Breeding is a game from the concept Parlour Games 2.0. It is intended for players gathered around one screen. The game works with turn-based actions and limited options. Each player controls a male or female monkey. Four players are required to start a game but it is possible to choose players managed by artificial intelligence.

The goal is to perpetuate genes by giving birth to new monkeys. Every baby born receives 50% of genes from each parent. The new monkeys are managed by artificial intelligence and have the same abilities as their parents when they reach adulthood. The risk of congenital diseases discourages mating within the same family.

The possible actions are of three types: attack a monkey, search for an object or feeding. An exchange of food between adult monkeys of the opposite sex generates a mating. At the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most widespread genes in individuals still alive.

Breeding is under development and will be available in 2017.
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Game designer : Philippe Mermod

Project manager : Rémi La Marra

Developer: Pierre-Igor Berthet

Designer : Boris Poget