Breeding is a local multiplayer (2 to 4 players) and turn-based video game designed by Philippe Mermod.

The goal is to perpetuate his genes by giving birth to monkeys. Each player controls a monkey and must look for one or more partners. The game is based on a limited choice of options: search for an object, attack or take care of a monkey. An exchange of care between adult monkeys of opposite sexes generates mating. Babies who are born give points at the end of the game to their ascendants according to their energy.

Breeding was presented at the Geneva Gaming Convention 2016 in Palexpo (Geneva), at GamesFest 2016 in CERM (Martigny), at the International Gaming Show 2017 in Beaulieu (Lausanne), as well as to other events. We have seen that the social interaction that we are looking for between players whether they are friends, family or strangers is working and there is a demand for party games.

We invite you to experience Breeding as it was presented during the conventions. The game works directly from an internet browser with a mouse or a joystick.

If you want to know more about the development of Breeding :

Breeding’s project by Rémi La Marra at GamesFest


Philippe Mermod – Game Designer

Rémi La Marra – Project Manager / UX UI Designer

Pierre-Igor Berthet – Programmer / Sound Designer

Boris Poget – Designer / Animator

David Paillat – Marketing Manager / QA

Florian Dubath – Unity support

Alexandre Serre – WebGL support

Nicolas Dessuet – Web support

Stephan Wells – Music